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This page contains various general media and material on wildlife strikes and wildlife hazard management.

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Please note that some of these images, presentations and videos show wildlife after a strike event and hence may be distressing to some viewers.

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Educational and general awareness videos

"Wildlife Strike" - Produced by the Australian Museum with the assistance of AusALPA and Avisure:


"Is it a Bird? Air safety and the Museum" - Produced by the Australian Museum


Wildlife Strike videos

Airbus A320 multiple bird strike, engine injestion and ditching (Hudson River):


Boeing 757 bird strike and engine injestion: 


Fighter jet bird strike:


Cessna Bird Strike:


Redbull bird strike:


Airbus A319 bird strike:


News Media

Catalyst (ABC Science program):  Bird Strike, aired 30 October 2014: 


Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age - "Planes battered by bird strikes", November 25 2012:


ABC News and the Sydney Morning Herald - Murdoch University bird stomach analysis and bird strike reduction